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Fitness, Martial arts, boxing, kickboxing and music has always been my thing! Being a part of a strong community of women has always been my dream! In 2012, I was finally able to make this dream come true. Shortly after I was diagnosed with breast cancer. What I thought was going to be a dream deferred and deter me actually made me stronger than I've ever been! Being able to come in while going through chemo to train, sweat and smile with a group of women that support me helped me get through one of the toughest times of my life. Let's train together, set goals together, hold each other accountable, push each other,  and love each other! See you in class!!


Round 1- We jump rope to improve stamina and coordination 

Round 2- We shadow train with weights to maximize our potential in power and speed

Round 3 - We work the bag to improve our boxing/kickboxing technique

Every week we drill techniques and a different combo. Every day there's a different body focus. Check it out!

Round 4- We get some mitt work in with our weekly combo!

MONDAY - Arms & Abs 

TUESDAY - Legs & Abs

WEDNESDAY - Abs!Abs!Abs!

THURSDAY - Arms & Legs

FRIDAY - Full Body 

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